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Reliability Training

NEW - Reliability Program Training course:  ref. JAR OPS 1/EASA Part-M

On the basis of JAR OPS 1 / EASA Part-M, an airline has to regularly prove the reliability of its aircraft to the Aviation Authority in the form of a Reliability Program.

Specialized knowledge prepared individually

We train your staff and pass on our specialized knowledge. Your staff receives detailed specialized knowledge in the special fields you ask for, such as:

  • Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM)
  • On Condition Maintenance early diagnosis of system errors, piloting, decreasing unscheduled maintenance, supply optimization, etc.
  • Periodic Engine Performence Test - issuing a data protocol
  • Cruise Recordsheet Data - input and analysis of data
  • Onboard Recording System - recording of data in an Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU), replacement of the storage medium/update
  • Description of system types: ECTM, ECM, EHM, GSS, ODM, etc.
  • System diagnosis case study V2500 / A320
  • Parameter variation, e.g., in SVA open schedule, compressor VBV open schedule, with loss of turbine efficiency, etc.
  • Determination of EGT margin.
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Reliability Training

  • ECTM
  • ECM
  • EHM,
  • GSS
  • ODM
  • etc.

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