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Aviation Legislation

Individually Suited Seminars

The aviation legislation is a connecting link between all collaborators who are engaged in the technical aspects of air traffic.

Nowadays, the uniform aviation legislation system by EASA has a great influence on the development -, production -, and maintenance companies in the air-traffic industry.

Therefore, our seminars follow a practical orientation. The participants benefit from many years of experience of our Instructors.

  • Our seminars are tailored and individually suited for:
    Maintenance and overhaul staff to meet the requirements for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML);
  • Engineering staff of Part-145, Part-M, Part-21, JAR-OPS 1 organizations;
  • Maintenance staff within the framework of Part-145 Continuation Training.
Aviation Maintenance Training und Consulting

ATCC AeroTechnical Aviation Maintenance Training | Aviation Consulting | Aviation Coaching

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Aviation Legislation

  • Maintenance and overhaul staff
  • Engineering staff
  • Maintenance staff

Aviation Maintenance