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Aircraft Wiring Repair

Repair of Electric Wires in Aircraft

ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching teaches the necessary specialized knowledge with a high degree of expert knowledge in order to quickly and effectively carry out all maintenance and repair work on electric wires in the aircraft or in aircraft components.

  • Introduction of Boeing WDM (Wiring Diagram Manual) and SWPM (Standard Wiring Practices Manual)
  • Definition of cables, bonding clips, plugs, sockets/pins, connectors, tools, and repair material
  • Repair techniques for standard cables and special cables (shielded and coaxial wires, flat cables, thermoelements)
  • Wires in the different aircraft zones (inside/outside pressurized cabin, power unit, tank, primary piloting)
  • Practical training by using stripping and chasing tools. Use of special tools and soldering techniques
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ATCC AeroTechnical Aviation Maintenance Training | Aviation Consulting | Aviation Coaching

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Aircraft Wiring Repair

  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Repair Techniques
  • Practical Training
  • Quickly and effectively

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