Consulting & Coaching

Experience from over 15 years of practice: ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching with its specialized knowledge and training puts its consulting service at your disposal. We suit our services to your situation and issues, and we are at your service for unusual assignments revolving around the field of aviation.

Standard services are:

  • Development and optimization of processes;
  • Auditing, Licensing Preparation, and the development of aerotechnical companies according to national and international standards;
  • Introduction of QM Systems and Tools;
  • Development of documentation and introduction of digital standard documentation;
  • Introduction of digital signature mark and digital inspection and test records;
  • Registration and attainment or expansion of official licensing;
  • Preparation of the organizations for corresponding licensing.

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)

Official Approval by the Federal Aviation Authority

Every Airline Requires an Official Approval by the Federal Aviation Authority
(Germany: Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) to be approved as a company to maintain the continuing airworthiness of aircraft.

Since September 2005, EASA Part-M applies to commercial airlines. Actually all airlines are able to obtain their own approval as a CAMO , in accordance with EASA Part-M Subsection G of VO (EG) No. 2024/2003.

We get your company ready for the official licence:

  • Preparing a manual (CAME) for maintaining continuing airworthiness under Part-M Subsection G - M.A. 704) and obtaining an approval from the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Aviation Authority)
  • Training of Staff for the airworthiness check under Part-M Subsection G of VO (EG) No. 2024/2003
  • Preparation for examination and passing the examination by the designated staff, as required under EASA Part-M Subsection G - M.A. 707) by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Aviation Authority)
  • Providing and implementing Continuation Training - coordinated with the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Aviation Authority) - for
    • staff that is approved for the airworthiness check, including the required continual updates, such as:
    • new and modified aviation legislation procedures, processes, aircraft manufacturer requirements, etc.

Quality Management System - Quality Assurance System

We help you to comply with the guidelines of national and international aviation authorities.

Every aviation company must implement a functional quality assurance system in its operations in accordance with the specifications of the aviation authority.

We help you to comply with the guidelines of the national and international aviation authorities. In this way, we support you in securing and further improving your competitiveness and profitability.

We advise you

during the implementation of a quality assurance system according to the specifications of the aviation authority and create the necessary concepts according to your individual operational requirements

We monitor

the implementation of the quality management in your company, carry out inspections / Audit´s and create the investigation reports / templates for proof for the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Aviation Authority) or for your customers

We develop

existing procedures are changed, optimised or, if necessary, newly developed according to your specifications or after approval by the authorities. For this purpose, we analyze the existing procedures at regular intervals for functionality and development potential.

We create for you

the quality management procedures published by the aviation authority or further developed by ATCC, carry out a conformity and applicability test and, if necessary, introduce the new processes into your existing quality management system. In the case of approval-relevant procedures by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, ATCC applies for and obtains approval.

Value assessments for aircraft and realisation of audits

Licensed specialists carry out the work for you:

  • Aircraft assessments (inspections and condition assessments)
  • Auditing of maintenance, servicing and JAR-OPS flight operations.

Aircraft take-back from lease with essential contents

  • Summary (short description as management decision)
  • Detailed description of the condition of the most important aircraft assemblies and aircraft systems underlaid with images
  • Technical Data, presentation of aircraft key figures
  • AD`s, SB`s, flight times etc.
  • Visualization of the viewed documents

Valuation of aircraft

  • Determination of the fair value of an aircraft
  • Damage assessment in case of Incidents and Accidents
  • Preparation of detailed investigation reports

Review of maintenance measures (aircraft maintenance) through regular audits

  • Use of the correct tools, materials, equipment and maintenance methods in the course of annual inspections (such as C-checks), carried out by contracted Part-145 maintenance companies.
  • Use of qualified maintenance personnel trained in accordance with Part-66 during the commissioned maintenance work.

Review and selection of maintenance operations (worldwide)

  • Examination of the maintenance operations for functional processes as well as timely and correct execution of work, according to EASA Part-145 / EASA Part-M
  • Review of flight operations in the event of irregularities on the basis of JAR OPS 1 Part-M

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