Continuation Training

Your Certifying Staff Keeps Up-To-Date

Under EASA Annex II provisions (Part-145), an EASA Part-145 maintenance facility has to provide and establish proof of Continuation Training for its Certifying Staff at an interval of every two years.


Continuation Training

  • QM- Qualitäty-Management

  • In-House Procedures

  • Management Feedback

  • Human Factor

  • Technical Innovations

  • Audit-Findings

ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching offers all necessary training

  • We provide - in accordance with EASA Part-145 requirements and your individual operational needs - Continuation Training for your staff
  • We train your certified staff and continually update the training subjects in coordination with you.
  • As proof of attending Continuation Training, we do an Assessment and at the end issue an attendance certificate for each participant.

The courses are combinable and adaptable according to your requirements.

Training subjects of Continuation Training

The focal points / training subjects of Continuation Training, such as for a Part-145 maintenance facility, are required:

  • QMH- Quality Management Handbook, in-house procedures / processes / rules / management feedback
  • Human Factors, such as Human Factor incidents during the aircraft overhaul
  • Technical innovations/announcements by aircraft manufacturers/manufacturers of components, requirements by public authorities, etc.
  • Information about in-house and external audit results, audit incidents, audit findings, etc.

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