Training in Special Fields

Aircraft Structure Repair | Aircraft Tank Repair Aircraft Wiring Repair | Aircraft Cabin Repair

High safety -, quality -, and training standards form the basis for a broad performance spectrum of your staff. We train your staff based on the above concept.

Basic training - and further training in special fields

for maintenance overhaul and repair work on aircraft structure , aircraft landing gear, turbine power unit and avionics components.
We offer theoretical and practical training on the basis of the latest maintenance manuals, such as: AMM, SRM, WRM, CMM, etc. for:

Metal aircraft constructor

  • Aircraft structure / airframe repair training
    for Boeing and Airbus aircraft (basic training as well as continuation training);
  • Aircraft tank repair training
    for Boeing and Airbus aircraft (repair and sealing techniques after fuel leakage);
  • Aircraft tank safety training
    prior to aircraft tank inspection (Cat. 1-4)

Aircraft appliance electrician / Avionics specialist

  • Aircraft Wiring Repair Training
    for Boeing and Airbus aircraft (basic training as well as continuation training)

Aircraft cabin mechanic

  • aircraft cabin equipment, training for operation, maintenance, repair of:
    kitchens, toilets, sewage, seats, aircraft doors, evacuation slides, emergency systems, oxygen, etc. of the aircraft operated or maintained by you.

Your staff receives detailed specialized knowledge in the special fields you ask for.

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