Human Factor Training

Training as required by EASA (EASA Part-21, EASA Part-145, EASA Part-M, EASA Part-CAMO)

Within the framework of AML training and Continuation Training, we teach your staff the human factor knowledge required by the public authorities.

EASA Part-145 stipulates that starting September 28, 2006, aircraft overhaul and aircraft maintenance staff have to have knowledge about the significance of human factors and human productivity (Initial Training).  This also applies to all administrative staff

Continuation Training concerning human factors has to be ensured over a period of 2 years.

This regulation applies to:

  • Certifying Staff, as required by EASA Part-145;
  • Overhaul and maintenance staff of MRO facilities;
  • Engineering staff, as required by EASA Part-21 / Part-145;
  • Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS), as required by EASA Part-M/ Part-CAMO;

as well as to other staff working in aircraft overhaul, such as:

  • staff working in the disposition department;
  • staff working in the warehouse;
  • tool dispensers;
  • capacity planners;
  • administrative staff.

ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching offers all necessary training. The courses are combinable and adaptable according to your requirements.

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