Certifying Staff EASA Annex 3 (Part-66)

Requirements of Certifying Staff

The different AML categories represent the areas of operation and responsibilities. In addition, an operational qualification is required after an internal briefing. This qualification is only valid for the issuing company.

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Certifying Staff

  • CAT A

  • CAT B1

  • CAT B2

  • CAT C

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Training Level

  • CAT A - Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic
    For Certificates of Release to Service after regular scheduled overhaul work and after repairing simple defects within the qualification. Limited to work carried out by the holder of the qualification himself.
  • CAT B1 - Maintenance Certifying Technician Mechanical
    For Certificates or Release to Service after overhaul work. This includes work on the aircraft structure, power units, and on mechanical and electrical systems. Also the replacement of quickly replaceable avionics units - LRUs for which a simple test is sufficient as proof for operational readiness. A Category B1 qualification for release automatically entitles issuing Category A Certificates of Release to Service.
  • CAT B2 - Maintenance Certifying Technician - Avionic
    For Certificates of Release to Service after maintenance work on the avionics and on the electrical systems. Category B2 Certifying Staff is able to obtain the qualification for issuing Category A Certificates of Release to Service.
  • CAT C - Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer
    For Certificates of Release to Service after overhaul work. The qualification applies to aircraft in their entirety, including all systems.

In-house Training

On request, and if possible, we certainly train in your company. In this way, we become practically acquainted with your overhaul situation, suit the training subjects better, and therefore optimize the training results.

With in-house training it should not be overlooked that you, as the responsible superior, have a chance to take a close look at the seminar and convince yourself of the quality. You certainly save travelling expenses, downtime expenses are reduced to the actual training time, and your staff has the comfort of being with their families at night.

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Aircraft Types

  • A330-200/300 (RR Trent 700)
    A330-200/300 (RR Trent 700) vs. A330 (any Engine)
    A330-200/300 (GE CF6)
    A330-200/300 (GE CF6) vs. A330-200/300 (any Engine)
    A330-200/300 (PW4000)
    A330-200/300 (PW4000) vs. A330-200/300 (any Engine)

  • B737-300/400/500 (CFM-56)
    B737-300/400/500 (CFM-56) vs. B737-600/700/800/ 900 (CFM-56)
    B737-600/700/800/900 (CFM-56)
    B737-600/700/800 (CFM-56)vs B737-300/400/500 (CFM-56)

  • B747-200/300 (GE CF6)
    B747-200/300 (GE CF6) vs. B747-200/300 (any Engine)
    B747-200/300 (PW JT9D)
    B747-200/300 (PW JT9D) vs. B747-200/300 (any Engine)
    B747-200/300 (RR RB211)
    B747-200/300 (RR RB211) vs. B747-200/300 (any Engine)
    B747-400 (GE CF6)
    B747-400 (GE CF6) vs. B747-400 (any Engine)
    B747-400 (RB211)
    B747-400 (RB 211) vs. B747-400 (any Engine)
    B747-400 (PW 4000)
    B747-400 (PW4000) vs. B747-400 (any Engine)

  • B757-200/300 (PW2000)
    B757-200/300 (PW2000) vs. B757-200/300 (RR RB211)
    B757-200/300 (PW2000) vs. B767-200/300 (any Engine)
    B757-200/300 (RR RB211)
    B757-200/300 (RR RB211) vs. B757-200/300 (PW2000)
    B757-200/300 (RR RB211) vs. B767-200/300 (any Engine)

  • B767-200/300 (PW4000)
    B767-200/300 (PW4000) vs. B767-200/300 (any Engine)
    B767-200/300 (PW4000) vs. B757-200/300 (any Engine)
    B767-200/300/400 (GE GF6)
    B767-200/300/400 (GE CF6) vs. B757-200/300 (any Engine)
    B767-200/300/400 (GE GF6) vs. B767-200/300 (any Engine)

  • B777-200/300 (GE90)

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