Authorized EASA Part-147 Training Facility

ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching is a Certified Training Facility According to EASA Part-147. Your aircraft maintenance and overhaul staff is trained by ATCC for obtaining and retaining the qualification for release so that the staff is well prepared for the responsibilities within the company. ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching with more than 15 years of specialized knowledge at your service to increase your quality!

ATCC gets your company ready for the official licence.

Airworthiness and Maintenance Requirements EASA Annex I (Part-M)

EASA Annex I (Part-M) stipulates measures for continuing airworthiness. The official airworthiness requirements are to be met and a safe operation is to be ensured. In principle, the owner of the aircraft has to take care of continuing airworthiness.

The operator may carry out the necessary work himself, if it is an authorized maintenance facility under EASA Annex II (Part-145). Alternatively, may hire an authorized company for the maintenance, a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation). In this case, the aircraft is in a so-called monitored environment.

In a monitored environment, the CAMO arranges for the necessary work to be carried out either directly at an authorized Part-145 maintenance facility or informs the owner (or operator) which work it needs to have carried out.

Trainers, Instructors, Assistants

The trainers, instructors, and assistants at ATCC AeroTechnical Consulting & Coaching have many years of professional experience
in the fields of aircraft overhaul / aircraft maintenance and hold an examiner licence or an EASA Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML).

They have been teaching for many years specific specialized subjects in the field of aircraft engineering, especially all ATA Chapter[s] of the aircraft model training courses /  model training, according to ATA Specification 104.

Also subjects concerning aviation legislation, human factors, are professionally taught based on their extensive expert know-how.

All trainers have been required to prove their qualification and professional teaching competence to the Aviation Authority, and have been approved as trainers and examiners.

All trainers regularly attend further education seminars offered by the Aviation Authority, the aircraft manufacturers, and the manufacturers of components.

Our trainers are audited on a regular basis to ensure our clients receive steady and progressive instruction of high quality.

EASA-Regulation (EG) No. 2042/2003 of 11/20/2003

Here is an overview of the regulation concerning continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aerotechnical products, parts, and equipment, as well as granting approvals and persons who are allowed to carry out this work.

By adding annexes to the regulation, the following sections are in force

Annex I

Teil-MContinuing Airworthiness (PDF)

Annex II


Maintenance Organisation Approvals (PDF)

Annex III


Certifying Staff (PDF)

Annex IV


Training Organisation Requirements (PDF)

According to Part M und Part-145, only specifically qualified staff is allowed to give the go-ahead for maintenance work on an aviation device by means of a CRS (Certificate of Release to Service).

With this Certificate of Release to Service, the staff specifically licensed and entitled to release confirms that the work was carried out in conformity with Part-145 or Part-M.
Consequently, as far as this work is concerned, the aircraft is ready for operation.

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